EL Nasr English School (American Section)



As we believe that it is vital to create channels for social communication between school administration and parents in order to enhance their children's skills and to establish their mental as well as educational abilities, we offer you our site, a bridge we draw between us. And this step comes as a normal procedure contributing to our mission that we hope to fulfill as accurately as possible. we really wish by doing this step that the scientific and moral values of your children could be increased. We hope you find this site useful for any questions, sharing ideas, downloading any necessary materials just for one aim: the sake of our children .

Mrs. Gamila Abu Elfotouh

Mrs. Maissa Mahmoud

Creating a high learning environment which leads to a student who is a decision maker, able to work independently, responsible for his own learning, a critical thinker and a problem solver.




A school’s performance will improve when the school’s culture and objectives are comprehended, shared and valued by all the people of the school.

Our objective is to achieve a school with staff stability,

where our goals are clear to every team member of the school,

where we all work together and share information and instructional strategies, where we all are encouraged to having constructive discussions, and

where each team member is looked upon as a valued person